Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Kitty Embroidery Pattern

I added this design to the store a few days ago.
I have also stitched my version of it with the suggested colors. Although I did take some liberty with the stack of presents!! I used bits of wool felt instead of embroidering them. I used the colors I have on hand.
I'm working to try to actually finish my embroideries into something, so this one become a little wall hanging. It could be an ornament too!

You can find the Christmas Kitty Embroidery Pattern in the store.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Snow Sampler Cross Stitch

Get ready to do some cozy winter time stitching with a wintery sampler!
The new Snow Sampler Cross Stitch pattern can be find in the store.

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy stitching. :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief Embroidery Pattern

I'm sorry for the broken links! I seem to have left them everywhere. In the future, I will paste. :)

Now I am back with the Sandy Embroidery Pattern. Suggested colors are included! There are so many people in need right now, every little bit helps. Thank you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief Pattern

(Cross post from my needlework blog)
This past week's hurricane hit close to home. My little sister lives in New York City. She is lucky enough to live on higher ground, but her former neighborhood of Long Beach has literally been flattened. She is quite upset by the situation.

People have lost homes, businesses, loved ones, just everything. Gone. So she has set up a volunteer effort to buy supplies and necessaries for the folks in her old neighborhood. The FEMA and red cross food is apparently just really not at all nice.

I have decided to do what I can from far away, even if it is small in comparison to what needs doing. I created a special pattern for the victims. All proceeds will go to her volunteer fund. All of the money she raises is going straight to victim aid. There is no administration, offices, staff or overhead to be paid.

I'm going to try to get her to send me a few pics of the neighborhood and her progress helping. She is going out to volunteer over there for the whole weekend.

If you can at all help, please purchase the Sandy Cross Stitch design in my store.

I'll be working on an embroidery version. But the people can't wait, so if you are interested, please purchase the cross stitch for now, and send me a message that you prefer the embroidery version. I will see that you get it.